Al Reker Distinguished Service Award:
This award is given to recognize contributions made by a individual over a sustained period of time to the field of probation. Further, this award is to acknowledge membership involvement rather than simply retirement. The recipient was to be selected by the Executive Board of MACPO for their exemplary contributions and dedication to the profession of probation/parole. Al Reker recipients provided, and many continue to provide, exceptional leadership and dedication to the field of corrections.

Excellence in Corrections Award:
This award is to be presented to a corrections program demonstrating outstanding leadership and development in the field of probation. This may be a non-profit organization, a privately run program, or a program within a court services or probation agency.

Outstanding Performance Award:
This award is to be given to a probation officer in good standing with MACPO. It is to be presented to an individual who has demonstrated professionalism and leadership within their county or in the field of probation. This person must have been in the field for at least one year.

This individual may have implemented a new corrections program, worked in the community to bring new corrections related services to clients or simply is an incredibly hard-working individual who merits recognition.

Rookie Agent of the Year Award:
This award is presented to a newer probation officer (One to three years in the field of probation) who has demonstrated abundant potential and professionalism in his/her early career. The award recipient presents a strong desire to learn on the job, participates in a variety of training opportunities, demonstrates enthusiasm and a positive attitude and works collaboratively with other more experienced probation officers/agents. This probation officer/agent has strong leadership potential, has brought new energy into their agency/department and is working toward a very promising future in the field of probation.

MACPO Superior Service Award:
This award originates from nominations of the MACPO Executive Board to recognize an individual, group or agency which has provided superior service to advance the mission and goals of MACPO. It also provides an opportunity for committee chairs to nominate an individual committee member who has demonstrated strong leadership and exceptional service for MACPO.

Evidence-Based Practices Trainer/Coach/Practitioner Award:
This award is to be given to a probation officer in good standing with MACPO. It is to be presented to an individual who has demonstrated leadership in the area of Evidence Based Practices (EBP). This could be within their department, but special deference is given to statewide influence or service.

This individual may train an EBP discipline, have implemented an evindence-based program, or coached peers in one of the EBP disciplines. The EBP Award may also go to a probation officer who is particularly skilled in a range of EBP disciplines and influences others to increase their skills.

Spotlight Award:
This award is given to any support staff or role of a support staff (including managers) who have demonstrated professionalism and leadership within their agency. This individual may have implemented systems/ideas for more efficient work flow, exemplifies a positive attitude, and repeatedly goes above and beyond their regular job duties or is simply hard-working individual who merits recognition. 


MACPO believes strongly in the recognition and acknowledgement of working professionals. The recognition of dedicated corrections  (community or facility) professionals is something MACPO takes seriously. MACPO Award recipients are recognized at the annual MACPO Spring Conference.

Individuals do NOT have to be a MAPCO member to receive an award.

Award nominations are accepted annually March 1st through March 31st.

How to Nominate an Individual for a MACPO Award:

CLICK HERE to access the Award Nomination Form.

CLICK HERE to email the completed form to the MAPCO Past-President.

The MACPO Award Nomination period is is currently CLOSED and will reopen in February/March of 2025.

2024 MACPO Award Winners:

Al Reker Distinguished Service: Jason Anderson
Excellence in Corrections: Rewind Inc.
Outstanding Performance: Chelsea Rabey
Rookie Agent of the Year: Rachel Deck
EBP Coach/Trainer/Practitioner: Edward Anderson
MACPO Superior Service: Jonathan Schiro
Spotlight: Jessica Erickson

Prior MACPO Award Winners:

CLICK HERE for a list of prior MACPO Award Winners.
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