Community Supervision in Minnesota

Community Supervision in Minnesota occurs through three distinct correctional delivery systems. The nature of the work performed in the respective delivery systems may vary to some (slight) degree. Below is a brief summary advising of the differences between the three correctional delivery systems.

County Probation Office (CPO) Counties
CPO agencies monitor the community supervision of both adults (Misdemeanor and/or Gross Misdemeanor offenses only) and juveniles (all offense levels), too.

Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) Counties
The community supervision performed by the DOC varies dependent on the delivery system enacted by the local county in question. There are two possible scenarios: (1) the DOC performs all community supervision akin to the practice of the CCA agencies as noted below or (2) the DOC supervises adults on community supervision for felony-level offenses in CPO counties.

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Community Corrections Act (CCA) Counties
CCA agencies monitor the community supervision of adults and juveniles for all offense levels.

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