Peer Support

MACPO, MACCAC, and the DOC recognize probation work is stressful and places employees with high-risk individuals and in high-risk situations. This stress, caused by both critical incidents and the profession in of itself, has the potential to jeopardize work performance, safety, health, and relationships.

The individuals identified herein are willing to meet with probation agents from their own department, as well as other counties, who are experiencing stress caused by critical incidents or cumulative job stress for the purposes of providing peer support. They have all been trained in peer support and agree to keep peer support conversations confidential, except for the following:

1) Situations in which there is an indication the employee presents a clear and present danger to himself/herself or others.

2) Situations in which it appears there is a law violation.

During the conversation, if a Probation Agent describes either of the above-listed circumstances, the certified Peer Support professional will advise confidentiality cannot be maintained.

Please note MACPO/MACCAC/DOC do NOT oversee any of these individuals nor do we supervise a Peer Support Program of any kind. We are simply providing this resource list of willing volunteers. If you are seeking the assistance of a Peer Support member, then please contact one of the individuals listed below.

If you are looking for a Peer Support member based on work experience and/or years of service, then please CLICK HERE to connect with Neal Huemoeller of Wright County Court Services.

CLICK HERE to access the most up-to-date version of the Peer Support list.
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