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(CHAPTER 244.19) (CHAPTER 401) (CHAPTER 244.19)
ADMINISTRATION By local Courts in collaboration with County Boards. By Community Corrections Advisory Board (Minimum of nine members) per comprehensive plan approved by Dept. of Corrections. By State of Minnesota (Dept. of Corrections).
STAFF Appointed by Court with approval of County Board. Staff serves at the pleasure of Court.  Hired in accordance with comprehensive plan. Provided by Dept. of Corrections.
SUPERVISION By Director/Chief Probation Officer appointed by the Court and serving at the pleasure of the Court. By Director responsible to Community Corrections Board. By Dept. of Corrections District Supervisor per authority of Commissioner of Corrections.
FUNDING State reimburses counties up to 50% of Probation Officer salaries and fringe benefits. Block grant by State augmented with continued level of local spending. County reimburses State for Probation Officers salaries in accordance with same formula as County system.
SERVICES PROVIDED Determined by Court served, (i.e. pretrial services, diversion, restitution & community service, bail studies, custody mediation & visitation, alcohol assessments, chemical awareness and other prevention programs). Range of services as determined by Board and authorized in comprehensive plan.   As requested by Court and approved by Commissioner of Corrections. 
PERSONNEL POLICIES Established by Court/Local Personnel Department.  Established by Community Corrections Board and/or per union agreement. By Dept. of Corrections per union agreement.
PROFESSIONAL SALARIES Set by Court in accordance with State Scale. Set by Board and/or per union agreement. State Classified Service and union agreement.

 For individual probation officer contact information,

please search via the Department of Corrections Community Services Directory.

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