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Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) is a term that has taken the field of community supervision by storm over the last twenty-ish years.

Probation Agents are tasked with being Change Agents, role models, and/or coaches. They use EBP to instill and reinforce positive behavior change. Some examples of the tools they use with their clientele are:

  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Cognitive Behavioral Programming (individual or group-based)
  • Pro v. Con lists
  • Reflection Diaries
  • Thinking Reports . . .  and more!

Probation Agents should no longer be “checking off boxes” - research has proven this to be ineffective. Nowadays, Probation Agents (should) concentrate their resources on clients assessed as high risk. Additionally, services and programming are recommended based on risk assessments that analyze criminogenic needs (dynamic risk factors), recidivism rates (likelihood to reoffend), and the responsivity principle (how Agents perform their work).

Please see the below information for a multitude of resources to empower you to be the best Change Agent possible.

EBP Cafe

Please click here to be directed to the EBP Cafe Youtube page.

Communities of Practice:

Please click here to be directed to the COP page on the DOC website.

Cognitive-Behavioral Network: CogNet

Please click here to be directed to the CogNet page on the MACCAC website.

Virtual Training/EBP Resources:

Please click here to be directed to additional resources.

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